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Changing the Stigma of Mental Health

All teenagers experience anxiety and sadness from time to time. Is this a regular part of life or do I have anxiety or depression?




20% of teenagers suffer from depression, exclusion, or not fitting in.


80% of children who are affected by anxiety disorders are never treated.


100% of teenagers should not feel they are alone. Welcome to Brain XP.

Happy Notes From Our Readers

Excellent book filled with valuable information designed to help with humanizing and bringing compassion and understanding for those who struggle with mental health issues. My brother lived with me for 10 years while he suffered through hearing voices, depression, and suicidal thoughts... I wish this book had been around then:) I am so thankful to Christine for her courage, strength, compassion, and empathy.


Christine is one of the most remarkable young women I have ever met. We met in the pages of her book “Brain XP“. It is honest, insightful and inspiring. She is soulfully open about her experience with 'Brain XP', her moniker for what us woefully unenlightened refer to as mental illness. After reading the story of her journey to today, I do not plan on using that terminology again. Thank you for having the courage to share your story, to create your community (Brain XP) and to seek a way to help others who may be suffering in similar situations.


Brain XP is a Wakeup Call

Too many teens don't get the help they need. Mental health is manageable. I have found the secrets to coping with my mental health challenges and saved myself from a path of destruction.  The help teens need is here! Download Brain XP and start the road to recovery.

Teens with Anxiety
Teens Who Abuse Substances
Teens In The Juvenile Justice System With A Mental Health Disorder
Teens Who Don't Get The Care They Need
Teens Who Attempt Suicide

Brain XP is More Than a Book

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Brain XP is a company and community created by Christine Marie Frey, a teenager with mental illness dedicated to ending the stigma toward other teenagers with mental illness by “Brain XP” education.

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