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Christine XP’s “May 13th” single release!

Merry Christmas!!

I am SO EXCITED to announce the launch of my first music single on December 22nd: MAY 13th by CHRISTINE XP, which was produced by Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award winning music production team thebridge.
It is available now on most digital media downloading apps – including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

May 13th is the beginning of many projects for my new business BRAIN XP (which stands for Brain Expanded). Brain XP is a mental illness stigma-stopping COMMUNITY – and everyone is welcome to join us!

“Brain XP was born when my Mom & I were walking our dog Sparky. I had recently been diagnosed with a mental illness. I hate the words “mental illness” – they sound negative and harsh. I wanted to create a more positive term for mental challenges – I now have Brain XP. My mind & others like me share some incredible mental gifts – our minds are EXPANDED in special ways – we are unusually Creative, Empathetic, Insightful & Intuitive! Do we have bad days – of course we do! Don’t you? But, with a little help – we can navigate the not so good days – just like every other young person learns to do. What we can’t navigate is Stigma, Isolation & being Feared. We are normal teenagers & just need each other’s support – please be our friends.” – Christine XP

Join us on any or all our social media accounts:

My Blog- https://christinesfrequency.wordpress.com/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/christine.frey.3956
Twitter- https://twitter.com/brainxpproject
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/brainxpproject/
(Twitter and Instagram Usernames: brainxpproject)

Please follow me & stay up to date on the adventures of Brain XP. We are actively trying to spread the word, so share Brain XP with everyone you know, especially people you think might benefit from being a part of the Brain XP community.

Very very very exciting things are coming soon…including our new website & music videos!
I always appreciate your support! Thank you!

Love, Christine 🙂

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