Teens Helping Teens Change the Language of Mental Health


Living in fear feels horrible. It breaks down your walls and puts you in a vulnerable position. Your guard is no longer existent, which exposes you to greater possibilities of getting hurt (emotionally and physically). I experienced this quite frequently as I worked through my psychotic symptoms. I feared every single day, every single night. I was scared the demons that haunted me would appear or talk to me or hurt me. I feared going to school because I didn’t want my friends to see one of my “episodes” with the demons happen. I feared that my own good decision making would no longer be important because the demons had all my control. Although I was scared (and had every right to be), I never quit, and I never gave up. I went to school every day, made my own decisions every day, and learned to manage my symptoms. It wasn’t easy, but I forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone in order to get better. You can too. I still have ups and downs, but my security is not in jeopardy. With effort, your fear can slowly reduce. Just remember it takes time, but know you are not alone.

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