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Types of Music Therapy and its Benefits

What is Music Therapy?

In order to decide if music therapy would be useful in your life, it is important to understand what music therapy really is. Here is a brief rundown of music therapy and its benefits.


Music Therapy is a kind of therapy that helps people maintain their mental health through the use of music. (Listening to music and creating music are common activities involved with music therapy.)

Music Therapy Benefits

Stress is a major factor involved with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Music therapy is known for reducing stress symptoms.


Music builds emotion in people, and music therapy can bring out feelings that are essential for mental coping. It is a positive way to manage stress.


Stress can cause many people to feel depressed and sad. It can also cause some people to develop eating disorders. Music therapy can help to reverse those feelings and insecurities by decreasing overall stress levels.


Stress also brings mixed emotions such as anger and social withdrawal to people suffering from anxiety. Music therapy works to help ease those negative mentalities and improve overall positivity.

Music therapy does not always have to be scheduled and run by a professional. I play guitar, sing, and listen to music on a daily basis. I do this on my own, and I really enjoy it. However, there are many professionals who can facilitate a more productive music therapy session based on their own approach and expertise.



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