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Brain XP The Book



Brain XP is written by 16-year-old author Christine Marie Frey. The book encompasses Christine’s journey through self-harm, visual and auditory hallucinations, running away, hospitalization, and her forced removal from school. The subsequent experiences and Christine’s diagnoses of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder led her to seek out material written by other youth who’d gone through similar experiences; the absence of that material prompted her to create the Brain XP Community and write this book and the corresponding soundtrack. Each song in the Brain XP Soundtrack is original and written by Christine, based on each corresponding chapter in her book. Her goal is to provide hope to other youth battling mental illnesses and everyday teenage struggles, letting them know that they are not alone, they are not crazy, but rather their minds are special – they can think in ways others cannot. Their BRAINS are EXPANDED – they are BRAIN XP!


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